• Summer Time Update!

    Well hello everyone! So there isn't much news on "What's the NEXT game?!". Currently people are still pretty much spread out in other games. Some people are just too busy with real life to play anything. So the big question is WHEN ARE NEW GAMES coming out!??! Well we just found out today Guild Wars 2 is going to be a 2012 release with a beta later this year. So depending on when TERA releases we might check that out and see how that goes. Currently our best guess on TERA is late September / October with some playable betas in July. Some Diablo 3 news came out last week saying there will be a beta later this year as well so that's exciting. I'm sure we will hear some more on things as the gaming conventions start up! Also don't forget PAX PAX PAX! They're almost completely sold out of passes but that doesn't mean all hope is lost. I'm sure you will be able to pick one up from Twitter/Ebay if really needed. So everyone have a great summer!!! <3