• Dragon Nest?!?! What the F--- is Dragon Nest?

    Over the past week we have found this game called Dragon Nest. At first glance it was like screw that. Well it's actually not bad and it's kinda fun. It's a F2P game from Nexon and yes it's a Korean game(lulz). It's a fast paced ACTION RPG MMO. So it's a full instanced game with pvp arenas. I know that's not our typical style but open world pvp games are simply not as fun anymore. All of us want pvp but we don't want to spend hours trying to find it. I can write a whole long write up about Dragon Nest but since it's F2P you should give it a shot! A lot of us are currently playing! Oh by the way Tera got pushed back to 2012 so that fell off the radar. So come check out DN! I hope to see you soon!

    Gwyd,Storm, Steve, Arlington, Jimbo, Balis, Saviour etc!


    Server: Argenta

    Just so everyone remembers our vent info:
    catalyst.clants.net port:8495 default pwd:catalyst1021
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    1. Gorten's Avatar
      Gorten -
      and me GORTANO !
    1. Robofish's Avatar
      Robofish -
      Region locked, boo!
    1. kitiara's Avatar
      kitiara -
      fark im ip blocked !!! *sad panda*
    1. Shlicky's Avatar
      Shlicky -
      I've been on the westcoast one
    1. Jirtin's Avatar
      Jirtin -
      I wouldn't list my name, people won't play simply because I made an account.
    1. hoschi's Avatar
      hoschi -

      Kinda fun, wish they'd put more work into the graphics, but hey, f2p
    1. Obmar's Avatar
      Obmar -
      gave this game a shot - but not really my style