• Star Wars The Old Republic - Update

    So it's December already. Ugh.... I hope everyone has had a great year so far. 2011 has been a great year for gaming I hope everyone has enjoyed it so far. Looks like everyone is playing something currently. I hope you had a chance to check out Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and so various other titles this year. A few of us have been playing some Battlefield 3 and some of us *BOOMBOOMS* went loco on that game. I think he is ranked like #53 in the world for vehicles or somethingnutts like that. GO!!!!!!! Boomers!

    Well it looks like a few of us are going to check out Star Wars: The Old Republic it wasn't something I planned on doing because I was hoping Guild Wars 2 would be a lot closer than it currently is. So I think about 25+ of us will be playing SWTOR in till Guild Wars 2 releases. So if you want to come check it out with us let me know! xD It's not a bad game if you want to know more just jump in vent there is plenty people around to answer some of your questions.
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      LF account to play when you aren't around and I have free time. PST ;D
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      LF account to play when you aren't around and I have free time. PST ;D
      I decided to pickup the game to try.. I doubt I'll be around very much. Can't guarantee how long I will keep it active, though