• GW2 Release

    Hello folks! GW2 release is upon us which means many old friends will be coming back to have some fun after a long drought in the MMO world . As with any new game, I'm sure we'll be welcoming in some new members as well. Please register on these forums and let someone know in game or on ventrilo what your username is so we can give you access to private sections.

    We have picked our home server which will be made public as soon as Headstart begins on Saturday.

    And PAX!! is just one week away. Quite a few of us will be going. I hope we run into some of the ArenaNet crew again this year (launch party invites, wink wink.)

    So let's get ready to make some new friends, new enemies, and have some fun.

    Ventrilo information:
    catalyst.clants.net port:8495
    Guest pwd:catalyst1021

    See you on the battlefield,