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    After PAX I think some people are pretty interested in trying out Wildstar (MMO). It looks pretty cool and I do like some of the in game systems they have. The combat feels pretty decent. I'm hoping we can get into the closed beta for us to try before making any crazy decisions about playing the game. So please go check out some videos of it etc...


    Also sign up for the beta if you haven't already.

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    1. Derail's Avatar
      Derail -
      Looking forward to playing this more. Carbine put on an awesome show at Pax Prime! Even better than that was the after party and Cata cleaning up in the raffle!
    1. Mercs's Avatar
      Mercs -
      looks pretty sweet, and after watching the PAX dungeon preview it sounds like they are aiming to make things at least somewhat challenging so you can count me in if theres going to be a group of cata playing
    1. Jeff's Avatar
      Jeff -
      checked it out today and it looks cool. I signed up for the beta :]
    1. Derail's Avatar
      Derail -
      So Carbine has been doing this big class "drop" event for the last four weeks. They basically rehash the original class page with new or revised class specific info, new devspeak on the class, a reddit the following day and a live stream on Twitch every weekend. So far they've done three classes - Warrior, Esper, and Spellslinger. Stalker is next (livestream is Dec 7th I think because of Turkey Day). All the live streams are worth watching I'll link below. Rumor has it that the other two classes will be Medic and Engineer.

      Here's the home page


      Sign up for Beta - They're adding a good chunk of players in December


      Do the survey


      Watch the Twitch streams


      Spam questions on Reddit


      Here's a couple of fairly detailed summary posts made by some nerd with way more time than I have!

    1. Malakar's Avatar
      Malakar -
      Sounds interesting.

      Been a while lol i'll let you guys know if i get in =)