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    by Published on 07-12-2011 09:12 AM
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    So it's July 12th and yes everything is the same. Some of us are still in Aion yes Aion. Ugh..... The good thing is though boomers/becca still raping bitches so that's always a good thing. PAX Prime is 44 days away, that's always a good thing. There should be more news about games coming out this fall / early next year. I just wanted to let everyone know that Arlington/Falin has something going in APB reloaded. So if you're interested let him know here or just jump on vent.

    Just so everyone remembers our vent info:
    catalyst.clants.net port:8495 default pwd:catalyst1021
    If you want to move out of the public area you need a login.

    Guild Wars 2 - If you want more information about this game let me know. This game is looking really really really good. I have been following it closely so has nomies and a few others. So if you have questions post away. ...